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In order to change the world inside it begins with you!

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At Gods of Amenti Ltd, is the school of metaphyiscs,  hypnotherapy and transformation. In order to create a successful life, filled with positive improvement, we need to get to the root of the problem which is inside of the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis we are able to heal ourselves from the inside out. 

Hypnosis also known as hypnotherapy are one of the largest growing industries in the world. Because of the demand for professional and personal development is worth billions, and has never been higher since more people want to experience the many amazing benefits and a new way of life! Especially now during these uncertain times! 

In order to change the world around us it begins inside of us! 

-Have you been feeling as though you are losing your mind?

-Want to achieve your highest goals??

-Stressed out? Indecisive?

-Not knowing which path to take?

-Tired of the same ole pattern 

-Are you stuck?

-Do you want a better job?

-More confidence?

-Make more money?

-Do you like to help others?

-Does personal development intrigue you?

-Have you experienced the effects ofHypnotherapy?



We already have a magical genie known as the Super Conscious mind that is there, ready for you to ask for what you desire! The issue is the conscious mind is confused due to the constant bombardment by the outside external world of constant subliminal programming which enters the subconscious mind while walking on autopilot. So therefore we as a species become easily suggestible to the beliefs that are being thrown at us. Believing that everything that was taught to us since childhood, on the media, from our teachers, our authority figures, the celebrities are all considered truth. Hypnosis helps to reprogram the subconscious mind so that the conscious will begin to move forward acting towards what its purpose or desires are.

The problem is many of us get distracted nowadays of what is on our phones, through social media, youtube, and other internet platforms that we lose ourselves into a hypnotic trance by giving our power over to others. Instead of conserving our own energy and focus onto our passions and our goals, we then begin to lose our drive and motivation and become comfortable with the status quo which is our conscious mind. The Conscious mind wants us to be comfortable, to remain stagnant and stay where we´re at, but the superconscious mind, our magical genie pushes us to evolve and change, and when we don´t we feel the resistance within our emotions, our bodies, and soon illness becomes present. 

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