The Pure Common Law Irrevocable trust The Pure Common Law Trust  This trust too is an international foreign trust and is used to protect all of your assets, money, banks, companies, and other trusts from seizures, liens and levies. You too can connect this trust to a bank account, but in this case you are the grantor, and you will need a Trustee to operate the trust because this will give you full on protection. You give everything you own over to the Trust, NOT THE TRUSTEE. The trustee in this case is the employee working on your behalf. You can open up a bank account, but the trustee will be the one to do so, and give you the bank card to do so for you.  will show you how to get a 98 ein for this particular trust as well. This class begins on November 28th for the cost of $897. To have the trust done for you is $3000 and is usually on the market for 10k because of its strong power. Both trusts are international and irrevocable. You get to open your banking with a usa bank. 

 Deadline to Sign up is November 27th. 

Cost is $897


If you would like us to do your Trust for you the cost is $3000 (original price 10,000) We put together your trust with Instructions with EIN number. THIS SPECIAL IS GOOD UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY DECEMBER 25th

This is the ULTIMATE PROTECTION when you are faced with a lawsuit, Lien, Levy, and will make you bullet proof from creditors.

The Unincorporated Business Trust The Business Trust Class is solely for business Purposes where you keep your business offgrid. You dont need to register with the Secretary of state or get a registered Agent. I show you how to also get a 98 ein pertaining to the Business Name you intend to use making it tax exempt and turning it into a foreign trust. In this trust you become the Trustee who handles the trust yourself. With that you may open up a Trust banking account by using your Irs EIN letter. It has to be a foreign trust number which the 98 is. This account becomes seizure free, bullet proof, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor without having to worry about tax time, liens and levies. The Grantor can be anyone that creates the trust, then hands it over to you the Trustee to operate it as you wish. December 18th, 19th Deadline to Sign up is December 15th  

Cost is $897


8 day Ambassador Recorded Webinar with Service

You learn to Operate on the private side as an SC. 

I go over the 8832 and and Diplomatic Immunity passport along with going over the packages 1 (ucc Package) 2 and 3. This was shown in the 8 day Ambassador Webinar. Ambassador 8 day webinar $750. Next Event December 16th

6pm pdt Deadline to sign up is December 15th 

Cost $400

Students get a discount of $100 off!

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