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Clinical Hypnotherapy Live Class Coming up October 10th- 17th! 8 Day Class

Are you ready to make a major change in your career??? Are you new to hypnotherapy or are you already a practitioner? Would you like to take your career to the next level?? Why not become a Clinical Hypnotist or Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor? If you are in love with the art of Hypnosis and it has changed your life completely, then why not share this amazing knowledge with others?

I am holding an 8 Day Live Session on Zoom on October 10th- 17th! 8 Day Class 7pm pdt! This is a very interactive group so it is a good idea to have a partner to work with. If you have a partner to bring we can give them a 50 percent discount!! So please let us know. They have to work with you in person. This is going to be a hands on training event. 


• Looking for a Recession proof type of Business?

• Train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist first- I show you what to do to become a Certified Hypnotist first so you can go through the experience of being hypnotized yourself and also hypnotizing someone else. 

• Then I train you to become Trainer of Hypnotherapy where you can make the most amount of money $$$$!! As a trainer myself it affords me to live the life I always dreamed of, traveling the world, working from home, and calling my own hours!!

• Make a great living remotely from anywhere from 100k to 200k a year setting up live events training in a group setting online or in person! I have the most fun of training students in a group setting! I enjoy the interaction and also love seeing other students facial expressions after going through a hypnosis session and hearing their input. Truly Rewarding!

• Do what you love in transforming others lives as they will feel the effects right then and there!​

• Learn everything you need to know about hypnotherapy!


• I will also be including Akashic Records Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Communicating with Spirits, Astral projection Hypnosis, Connecting with your spirit guides, Forensic Hypnosis, and Manifesting what you want hypnosis

• Hypnosis through phone, Zoom, etc

• How to teach a class and creating your own curriculum

During the Covid 19 season there is no better time than now to finally learn this ancient art of Hypnosis to heal others from traumas, stress, and help increase their immunity. People are absolutely losing their minds during these uncertain times, and they need a good hypnotherapist to help them through back to balance.​

Get Started!

So are you ready to take the next step and join us this October?

We are taking 20 people for this live online event! The price is $900 and we meet live on zoom. I will have the syllabus ready soon!! Contact Dr Druanna Johnston for payment instructions. Deadline to sign up is October 1st or when seats fill up! Taking 20 people.

Akashic Healing Hypnotherapy included with Octobers Event

If you like Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, You will love this technique! We get more positive feedback from Akashic Healing Hypnosis and more of our clients are able go through hypnosis easier. We visit a couple past lives, and you get to meet your mentors and teachers from the Akashic Records, You will also receive healing from your Super Conscious Mind. Your Spiritual Guides, mentors and teachers are in fact your Super Conscious Mind! Once you master this amazing technique you will be certified as an Akashic Healing Hypnotherapist. 

Past life Regression included in Octobers event

Would you like to learn more about your past lives? See who you were before? Why you came back?

What lessons you had to learn? This is a powerful 3 day Live session. Once you master this amazing technique you will be certified as a Past Life Regressionist.